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ASIFA Student Film Festival
Woodbury University
October 18, 2008

Before the guests arrive

ASIFA-Hollywood Student Animation Festival

Before the guests arrive

Gabriele Pennacchioli with students

Students with Stephen Silver and Davy Liu

Eleanor Vilppu with Gabriele Pennacchioli and Student

Get Connected!
Donnachada Daly and Guest

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Students at Stephen Silvers and Davy Liu's table

Donnachada Daly and Dean Yeagle

Kyle Boyd, Tina Price, Ron Bradley, Kyle Shockley

Tina Price looking at the terrific CTN Posters

Kyle Shockley, Guest, Guest, Kyle Boyd
General Crowd in Lobby
Dori Littel-Herrick with Guests
The CTN Cocktail Party was a smash success
Students at Donnachada Daly and Dean Yeagles Table

CTN Cocktail Reception - thats me in the hat!

Rik Maki and guest

CTN Cocktail Reception
CTN Cocktail Reception
Guest, James Baker, Guest and Joe Haidar
One on One Portfolio Reviews
Portfolio Reviews
Portfolio Reviews
Eleanor Vilppu and Rik Maki
LarryLarry Lok and students
Kyle Shockley and Kyle Boyd
Eleanor Vilppu ready for the students to arrive
Hangin' out outside
Students with Davy Liu

CTN Cocktail reception
CTN Cocktail reception