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West Wall of Van Eaton Gallery

Window Wall of Gallery

East Wall of Gallery

North Wall of Gallery
Peter Clarke and Janeen Vaneeton

Stephen Silver


Get Connected!
Stacie Iverson and Bill Perkins

Gail Frank and Husband


Mauro Maressa and guest

Peter Clarke and Maddie O'Neal

Stacie Iverson and Zoe Leader

Rusty Mills
Maddie O'Neal and Eddie Goral
Tom Sito and Janeen Van Eaton
Jim Mitchell and George Scribner

Michael Horowitz

Mike Matessi from Entertainment Art Academy



Don Don Dougherty and Rusty Mills
Mitchell Bernall
Valerio Ventura and Tina Price
GHye Coh
GEllen Woodbury and Mauro Maressa
GCindy Leggett
GDennis Greco, Brian McEntee, Dee Farnsworth
GRob Ruppel and Ellen Woodbury
GCarmen and Ed Ghertner

CTN Artist Spotlight Events in 2007

March, June, September and December
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