Van Eaton Galleries
CTN Artist Spotlight Event
March 22, 2006

(83 Attendees)

Rhett Wickham, Buck Lewis

Buck Lewis

Chad Frye

Ed Ghertner, Razoul Azadani
Mike Van Eaton, Mitchell Bernal

Dann O'Quinn and general crowd.

Brian McEntee
Back to camera: Mitchell Bernal,

Get Connected!
Jacqie Abramson, Marc Abramson, Wanda Carnes, Buck Lewis

Phil Phillipson, John Musker, Mike Van Eaton

Rhett Wickham, John Musker, Buck Lewis

Darren Kiner, Tom Wright


Randy Cartwright, Brian McEntee

Ed Olson, Jay Jackson

Gallery Crowd
Tad Gielow, Amy Pell
Bruce Morris, Phil Phillipson
Darren Kiner, Dave Goetz, Tom Wright
Ed Ghertner, Maddie O'Neil

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Artwork on display at the gallery through April 9th, 2006

Tad Gielow, Pres Romanillos
Ken Harsha
Angela Lepito , Tad Gielow
Nichole Schwab, Heather Phillips, Peter Narus
Stevie Wermers, Regina Conroy
Regina Conroy, Randy Cartwright
Jay Jackson, Stevie Wermers
Razoul Azadani, Michael Humphries, Heidi Humphries
Mike Van Eaton, Andreas Deja
Tina Price
Guy Vasillovich, Michael and Heidi Humphries, Razoul Azadani
Tad Gielow, Eddie Goral
John Musker, Eddie Goral






Buck Lewis, Tina Price, Rhett Wickham