Affiliate, Program Specific or Custom Sponsorships

Go beyond traditional advertising and promotion methods and set your product, service or talent apart from the rest through a CTN Community partnership. A CTN Community sponsorship reaches the best talent in our industry in a more meaningful and memorable way than any other traditional methods, by aligning your support directly with the interests of these artists at the professional level where they network.
Partnership opportunities are available at a variety of levels and range from single, one-time opportunities at CTN events, to an expanded, year-round association with the CTN Community. At CTN we recognize that each of our partners has their own unique set of goals and objectives, that we look forward to helping you achieve. The CTN staff will work with you to craft and customize a package that will effectively enhance your objectives across the board by putting you Center Stage to  maximize your return.
Partners have included:
CTN offers a wide range of benefits including (but not limited to):
Self Promotion 
Product Sales
Online Marketplace
Cross-Promotions / Partnerships
Membership Benefits and Discounts
CTN’s Website and Electronic Newsletters
And More!
CTN’s premiere website and popular events ensure the type of quality and credible community that you need to have when looking to reach this industry and its’ key players. This industry trusts CTN and we take that trust very seriously. Advertising on our web site, at our events  and in our electronic newsletters is limited and exclusive, designed specifically to help us maintain a high standard and the attention of our audience.
General Demographics:
Male: 60%
Female: 40%
Students: 55%
Professionals: 45%
18-24: 24%
25-34: 36%
35-44: 26%
Over 45: 14%
International: 17%
USA: 83%
Event Attendance 6,000-8,000
Exclusive professional Membership 1,000
General Associate Members 30,000
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Advertising, Promotion and Branding  

Let CTN put You in Front of our Industry's Most Successful Talent.
Open the door to new connections and creative opportunities through targeted exposure to the top contributors in the animation, video game and visual effects industry today.
CTN’s premiere communities, guarantees that your product or service will be in front of the industry's leading participants in our international community. We offer a wide variety of options to help you meet almost every budget, with discounted rates available to CTN members. Ask about our signature designed marketing packages where you will find the most value and savings.
Our mission is to share all the CTN resources we have available to make sure you get the most impact. CTN’s membership and advertising "toolbox" includes the following and others that can be customized for you.
Large and small banners on front page
Medium and small banners on interior pages
In Print:
Full page, 1/2 page and 1/4 page spreads in eXpo sketchbook program.
“Think about what people are doing in the CTN Community today. They're not just  keeping up with their fans and friends as much as they are building brands that grow their talent and support both the work for hire industry and the gig economy. As 'independent creators' the talent is connecting with targeted audiences. It's become almost a disadvantage to 'NOT" be involved with CTN in some form.” ~Tina Price, Founder of CTN